Posted by: believer786 | November 30, 2007

Wow..I am back..wait no..I am not..just saying HI!

It has been many many months since I wrote anything. I am not even sure I remember how to express myself anymore!

Anyway, I am in much different circumstances now than I was back then, and all I can say is Alhamdulilah that I am finally back to the me I always was and thanks to Allah for giving me my freedom.

Anyway, not writing anything deep or even meaningful here, but I thought I’d share a little snippet about my amazing iPhone and what it does to the ego hehe.

The other day at the mall a bunch of teens at this cellphone stall were trying to sell me a cellphone – “Sir we have amazing deals on amazing cellphones blah blah blah” I just kept on walking, but did a cool turnaround, flashed them my iPhone and said, “Does it look like I need a cellphone?”.

Tsk tsk men and their gadgets and how they (the gadgets) spoil us! I know pride is a bad thing, but a healthy dose of pride is fair game isn’t it? 🙂

Go iPhone!

Posted by: believer786 | June 23, 2007


Dear readers,

It has been a beautiful journey since I started my blog about 7 months ago. I have met so many wonderful people through my blog and formed so many friendships. I have learned a lot from your wisdom and I have been thanked by a lot for writing what you all consider thoughtful and sometimes beautiful and moving posts.

I feel honored that you all gave me a chance to express myself without holding anything back and letting everything from my heart onto my blog. I appreciate your kindness and your comments and I am happy I got a chance to know all of you.

I don’t think I have much to write anymore. I am still a very deep person, I still have so many things in my heart that I may again share some day with all of you should I feel inspired. But for now. I am done.

I will miss you all. I pray all of you have successful lives here and especially in the hereafter.

Till next time.

May Allah Bless You All.

Posted by: believer786 | June 11, 2007

The Human Spirit

What exactly is the human spirit? I have heard about it all my life, but didn’t really understand what it was. Now that I am wiser and have experienced various facets of life and have met people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, I am beginning to understand the concept of the human spirit.

Call it the inner voice, or the part of you that urges you to keep fighting no matter how bad the odds are stacked against you. It is what makes you get back up, time and time again, after you have been dropped to your knees. Historically, this spirit has been demonstrated during freedom fights in India. This spirit has been demonstrated when our Sahaba underwent torture at the hands of the enemies of Islam. Mashallah, their Imaan is so firm, that not even torture was able to dampen their fighting spirit. They withstood all for the sake of Allah.

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Posted by: believer786 | June 11, 2007

Romance Anyone?

Ok so my dear sister Lena wondered what was the most romantic thing I had done for anyone and I decided to just make a small post out of it. In my case most of my romance remains within me because I never had the right opportunity or the right person to express it to because they either did not deserve my romance, or they could care less for romance and the likes.

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Posted by: believer786 | June 7, 2007

Random Humor – Good ‘Ole Romance

Posted by: believer786 | June 6, 2007

On Anger

Been a long long time since I wrote anything. It is because I haven’t been inspired enough to write. In fact I contemplate quitting the blogging world on a daily basis. I have never ever written in my life before and I just started to do so since Jan 2007 and I have written up quite a storm. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that people actually like reading what I write. But I think I have lost that passion I had for writing.

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Posted by: believer786 | May 22, 2007

7 Random Facts

Ok this was long due and I wasn’t sleeping well because I hadn’t gotten this out of the way yet. Such is the torment of iMuslim who very kindly tagged me hehe.

  • I was a FOB when I came to USA back in 1993. I was skinny as a twig, had big big hair almost a desi fro and I used to put greasy coconut oil in my hair. I would roll up my shirt sleeves (almost to a sleeveless) and stone-washed jeans because I thought that was fashionable. The concept of deodorant and cologne was new to me. I was taught that all I ever need is a good soaping in the morning and I’m set. After spending a few years in USA, I wisened up and went through a massive makeover – crew cut, contacts, working out, smelling great all the time etc. …Continue Reading
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Randomly Tagged

My very first tag ever … thanks to Sumera

I will try not to sound too lame!

1) I am usually a very entertaining person so I end up using “mm hmm” a lot in the way the African American ladies say it here in the US. You would have to hear it to know what I am talking about. …Continue Reading

Posted by: believer786 | May 15, 2007

Protected: Nice Guys Finish Last?

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Posted by: believer786 | May 8, 2007

On Friendship

Friends are a critical component of our lives. Without them life can become monotonous. We need them in our childhood, teens and adulthood. They not only share our joy and happiness but sometimes our pain too. The painful times is what separates the real friends from the superficial ones.

It is amazing how I have been friends with some people for 20+ years but yet I cannot depend on them. Taking stock of some of my most recent experiences in life, it is very clear to me now who my real friends are. Whereas it may be true that I possibly have a 100+ friends, but when it comes down to it, I can only probably rely on 2 or 3 friends to be there for me no matter what the situation demands of them. Funny how that works eh? Actually, I am not that surprised because dosti nibhana (proving one’s friendship) is not an easy feat at all.

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