Posted by: believer786 | June 7, 2007

Random Humor – Good ‘Ole Romance



  1. For seven dollars, he can get two stems!! 🙂

  2. At least he is spending $7!!

    What is it with ladies and flowers anyway? Isn’t that just a tad cliche? Wouldn’t women rather just get a hug and a kiss? Isn’t that a lot more meaningful and assuring then flowers?

    I see flowers as a commercial way of expressing love, or asking for forgiveness. Maybe I’m just a guy and don’t really understand what is it about flowers that make a girl melt.

    Educate me Lena 🙂

  3. Ok since you asked here is my honest opinion…I would prefer a plant rather than flowers…the flowers will die eventually but the plant will last for a long time if it is taken care of properly…and everytime you look at it you will remember whom it came from.

    I would prefer a guy to write me an e-mail, make me a card, surprise me with a picnic in the park, take me to the beach so we can sit together, talk and just enjoy the setting…cooking together..cuddling and watching a movie together…a phone call when I least expect it just to say how much he loves me..a sweet text..laying out under the sky and looking at the stars while we hold hands…these are just some of the things I would prefer.

    I think if a couple have a disagreement or one upsets the other flowers should not be given to smooth things over…what should he or her should do as I said before is write an e-mail, go for a long drive and talk to each other, just looking into someone’s eyes after you have had a fight can say so much…I don’t believe in flowers or candies.

    In a relationship, it’s the SMALL things that matter more than the big things. It is what keeps the relationship alive more than anything else because they are what tells your partner how much you care and love them.

    I hope I made sense hahaha!!!

  4. Sorry this is what I meant to type..sorry for the typo!!
    “what should he or she should do “

  5. You qualify as a romantic in my book. You have a lot of the same views as I do. Keep it up and don’t change.

  6. Oh man I made the same mistake..I blame it on my lack of sleep lol!!!

    “What he or she should do”

    I won’t change I pinky promise 🙂

  7. Lena, its no wonder you don’t get enough sleep, I saw you at the forum at about 1:30 last night. You better be getting at least 8 hours of sleep or I’m telling on you. tee hee.

  8. I know I know…I need to sleep…I just can’t…and pleaseeeeeeeee don’t tell lol!!!

  9. Ok here is a question for you if you don’t mind answering what is the most romantic thing you have ever done?

  10. The best things in life are free 🙂

  11. Sumera,

    I agree! If only others saw it that way too and stopped falling for commercialism :).

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