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The Importance of Sabr (Patience) In Islam

I came across an excellent post on Sabr. Please follow the link to a post on – Reality of Sabr (Patience)



  1. Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatu hu,
    thanks for this very important webside I feel very happy when i came across it.I am a young muslim woman who has a problem with my friend all most five we all follow satan. Thought we to talk to each other but still their is a problem.One night i was sleeping i dream her father we met on the way and he said to me sarara daughter, (my moms name is sarata) you have a problem with my daughter then i also told him that do you what was the problem then he left and told me that i talk between you. walahi.So i call her daughter and asks for forgivenss but she is still mad.Now am asking what should i do.
    please email me back please

    • im muslim lady my name safiya my husbn divoc me he is marrid agin one lady

      • I have forgiven you. Please call me today I will be expecting your call.

      • terema i have forgiven you, will you talk to ba sasa who is sarata about this

      • you sent a devil, a demon from the pit of hell to tomaring to cause chaos in her life which you failed to do by the grace of god and you had a dream of her father which you thought was a normal dream. Tomaring is very gifted and she knows about it. She is just not saying anything to you and trying to make her sick four times and you failed. The evil spirit which comes in different forms. Her names being hadiyah abdallah muhammad and ndey sohna nogoya. These are dead people who takes four different shapes. If you don’t repent and ask for forgiveness, you will die sooner than you think and stop being a witch She has confronted them and sent them to where they belong. You are a witch, your five friends and your mother together with your sister aji. The day you came to her new house with evil she already knew before you even try to come with your evil deeds, you snake. No wonder she is not talking to you You are a big huge disgrace and shame t your family and humanity.

      • They even take male forms in senegalese poeple, american muslim men and woman. If you try to harm again you will die Haddy jobe will die too, even naba touray and her daughter who are also witches. repent all of you.

      • na ba touray at beauford highway. All my daughters are witches and my first daughter killed her husband through witchcraft in a fake stomach pains and ailment in new york. Rohey touray known as terema confess to tomaring before you die and incur the wrath of god and hell. The wage of sin is death and it is punishable by death which is a punishment from god almighty and aneesia gore the girl you sent to tomarings husband can never ruin her marriage. Haddy jobe you are exposed. haddy jobe your personal witchcraft on tomaring has failed and you will die and live your son behind. Ba sally witchcraft and personal attacks on tomaring exposed. Sinajor will also die through her witchcrafts and trying to put enchantments in tomarings new house and terema, aji and their children witchcraft trying to use tomarings new house with a devil as they visit t bring chaos int her home and god use you guys without your knowledge to bless them as millionaires now billionaires. Aji and rohey turay brought a devil int tomarings house and her parents taught that she was safe and better ff with witch sisters. What a life and such naive adults.
        All f you will die, Aji, rohey, haddy and aneesia gore even sinajor cham

    • Haddy jobe ate a next door neighbor in her apartment through witchcraft in stone mountain georgia but the boy died in florida. Haddy jobe is a witch and she tried to hire aneesia, a mother of two to destroy her cousin and her cousins marriage. They wanted to kill her cousin. Ba sally will also die. Rohey touray, aji their children and aunty naba from witchcraft from the gambia. Her phone number is 6787602407. Haddy jobe is the witch who talked to news reporters about the child and her family. She comed from the gambia and her step mother taught her witchcraft. Sinajor cham in maryland is also a witch. she is haddy jobe’s niece from her late cousin. Call haddy jobe. Her phone number is 6787602407 in stone mountain georgia. She is wanted for many killings. she ought to be executed. Fanta Cham is a witch. Jebo conteh is a witch and her son edrissa dumbuya in new york. Jebo is in the gambia. Help readers call the police.

    • These are just not allegations. They are true beyond comprehension. These secrets are too much a burden for me to carry. They are very heavy more for me. The television psychics, mediums and clairvoyants or specialists who communicate with ghosts and receive messages from them to loved ones can back up my claims. Please report yourselves to the nearest police station or else i will turn you in. We are in america so call 911 0r go to the nearest police station. Lives have been lost by these gambian witches.

    • 404-767-6332 ndeye sohna nogoye, an evil spirit or Jinnah sent by terema or rohey touray to steal tomarings marriage certificate. Her phone number is 404-767-6332 married to Assane Faal at 1870, campbellton road in an apartment at campbellton road southwest Atlanta Georgia 30311-4179 acting like a Senegalese woman.

    • they also killed nanafanta jabang an old woman in the gambia through witchcraft, in matty’s house in the Gambia. She was killed harshly with viciousness. America be aware, your children, the society and generalpublic are in danger from haddy jobe a gambian with a senegalese father. Haddy jobe killed her father with the help of her late stepmother who initiated her into witchcraft. Haddy’s phone numberis 6787602407. Beware people. A witch is lurking around your neighborhood with the help of several witches. The authorities and police will soon catch them, imprison them and jail them for life or for public execution due to the mass murder they have committed against mankind. Human meat is so sweet to them. It is sweeter than any meat in the world to them. Owners of the website beware,keep guard and take control.

    • 404-957-3898 is naba touray’s phone number a witch who baby sits children in beauford highway georgia without a license and her daughter another witch ba sally who does hair without a license both illegal immigrants without papers trying to scam the government(INS) FOR PAPERS. Rohey Touray and her daughters with her sister fake green card claims.678-717-7190 rohey and aji tourays phone numbers.

      • sinajor chams phone number in maryland 240-441-8413, another witch in maryland.

  2. a salaam o alaikom
    you must ask her forgiveness atleast trice and then if she doesnt want it, keep it for Allah swt.
    But learn from this big mistake. And know that this doenya this life is not forever, u musnt only think about worldly stuff like fighting with your friends. But think of how you can improve ur life for the afterlife.

    AGAIN learn from your mistake!

    wa salaam

  3. Assalamualaium,

    Dreams are either good tidingfor us or warnings. It is very important that you look at the details of the dreams and seek advice from elders.

    Furthermore it is no´t good to harm people in islam as it is a great sin.
    but if you come to realise your mistake ask Allah for forgiveness. it is very important and also the girl.

    We all learn from our mistakes no one is perfect.


    • assalam o alykum brother.i lake u r word’ safiya my mail my pon.0772427876

  4. assalaamu alaikkum

    These things can happen in your age.Try to understand that Allah is teaching you “Sabr”.It can be roughly translated to forgiveness with courage and patience. This situation will help you to become a better human being.
    Also remember that prophet(P.B.U.H) pardons a man seventy times a single time.
    May Allah guide you properly out of this.

  5. Rohey, you made a good move by asking for her forgiveness. And if she hasn’t forgiven you, then know that at least you have attempted to ask, so inshallah you will be free from question in the hereafter.

    When we make mistakes to Allah, we can be sure that Allah will forgive us (Inshallah), for He is most Loving and most Forgiving. But when you hurt another human, it’s quite hard to earn that forgiveness, because as it is, we are humans, and humans aren’t perfect.

    If you’re friend is special to you, ensure that you go out of your way to make it up to her.

    She should also know that we as humans are minute, and if Allah who is the Greatest who created us can forgive us humans for mistakes that we did to Him, why can’t we forgive for mistakes that we do to each other? We are all fellow human being living in this world. Hatred towards brothers and sisters should be eliminated.

    Inshallah she will realise this later on in life and will forgive you. In the meantime, learn from this mistake. Maybe this is a lesson to be learnt fro you as well.

  6. we are 2 our husband marry and the other lady is truoblesom she always said bad things on me .

  7. Assalaam Alykum,

    Dear Muslim sisters & brothers, i m in need of ur valuable duwas. Please do duwa for our freedom and happiness. Insha Allah, Allah listen ur duwas, please, please……..


    • assalam o alykum brother.ok i do it.sand u r poto plz

    • waleykum salam.hw r u mohamed.i pry thajth also il red quran.plz riply mail

  8. Assalaamu Alykum. Dear Muslim brothers, and sisters. I am going through alot of trouble and hard time in my journey through life!! Things have changed in my life so.. much. I have become very very very…. very weak…. after i had lost my precious beloved parents, (May Allah Subhanatallah Grant them both Jannah) I’m finding it hard to even post this, as my Tears are rolling down my face… I understand “Life is a prison for all” have “sabr” and move on.. yet again its very simple to say those in word’s but real hard to perform. I am married to a very nice man(Mashallah) he is my sweetheart & we have a beautiful baby (Mashallah). However, some people have taken advantage out of me after my parents had passed away (May Allah grant them Jannah). However they just wouldnt bugger off even if i tell them to on their face. She would back chat with lies about me everywhere she goes. She almost snatched a few people away who are close tome, due to i was loved. She cant see me happy at all. Shes one of them who would feel scared to mutter on your face, but feel real confident enough to chat crap at your back. She would say bad things about my baby behind my back i dont understand how people can be so vile like that its so heart tearing!!! I almost feel like giving up everything in life because of her. As she is a relative of my mine she would go being a good girl and tell my eldest brother that i had called her up telling her off for no reason. An he will call me up an start shouting at me wouldnt let me gasp a word she’s blind folded him. I would tell him she’s saying nasty stuff about me behind my back, an why cant she say it to me (were same age) why should you.. he still wouldnt want to listen and go barking at me. Well dat was well back since i am very much not in touch with him after the things.. she had caused. She has caused alot of things and have snatched alot of things away from my family member’s she is a very jelous person, thus a traitor but as she pretends tobe a goody front of my eldest brother he doesnt know it. And now she’s dating a guy who i very much knew before i got married, he wanted to marry me, but i didnt feel it as he was in touch with her(She took his number from me as we were good friends at the time, then things deterioted),although she knew about it we liked eachother. But things changed an now they are in love, not sure enough she’s dating so many guys at once, but she most probably doing this to get to me which is pathetic. She snatches and snaches the evil cow. She would even try to take my close friends away from me, that girl has caused so much pain in my life.. i just dont know where to start and end. Life has become a constant sadness for me due to her still trying to snatch things away from me. Ive become so weak, i even sometime’s stay in bed the whole day.. thinking is this life? why does everyone hate me soooo much? why do they take things away why does it have tobe like dat? i want to die whats the point even waking up? i just feel like giving up everything i have. Its so stressing.. i cry to bed almost every night.. thinking if only.. if only.. my mum and dad were here.. everything would be fine i wouldnt have to worry. I would cry and pray in bed ‘Allah please.. please… just let me see.. my mum and dad once again… then ide dream about them and wake up a big smile on my face all happy as my day goes fine!!!! and my husband is such a great dad (Mashallah) he would wake up in the mornings to feed our son, when im still in bed with no sleep as the day turns into light. My day goes so bad.. my husband will say “Dont worry, i’m here u dont need anybody else” But i would be like i understand but dont u think my days would be fine if my parents were still here?! He would be like “Wel it’s life” and i just shutt down. I know i might be all grown up, everyone young old we all have feeling’s and want tobe loved. I would see my cousin’s getting all hugged by their mum and dad telling them this.. that.. is the way of life. Their gran children’s are getin loved. And i would cry to myself if only my parents were here… my baby would be loved and cherished and so will i. I would feel very good in myself. And my parents would be so proud of me. But i dont know, if this would end.. i try to have patience but one day its good other day turns out worse. I realy dont know what to do? If there is anybody out there who i could get good advice from..??? I would be so….. glad!!!!!!! Jazakallah for taking time to read this. And may allah show us all the right path “Ameen”

    • Assalamu alykum my dear sister,

      When I read through your full story I really felt sad, and Iwould like to appreciate your patience in this regard. Moreover I would like advice only one thing that be patience always as Allah (Subwana thala) said, and do your five times namaaz without fail, and spend your days and timings to regading the holy quran and their meanings. It will be a great relief for you and paints to bring back you natural life. Remember there is noboday has power as much as Allah (Subwana thal) has himself, so pray to him and ask him, cry a lot to him. I am 200 percentage dam sure you will be the most happiest person in this word very soon. I am telling you again, have full faith with our Almighty he will soon take away your problems. Also I would like to remember again don’t miss your 5 times namaaz and read quran as much as possible. Our ALLAH PAAK (subwana thalla) will solve your all the problems. AAMEEN AAMEN AAMEEN.

  9. Wasalam Rohey, If she doesnt want to talk to you. I recommend you to send her a letter asking for forgiveness & your thought’s etc in that way u can express better. And i’m prety sure she’l understand (May Allah show us all the right path) AMEEN x

  10. Wa alaikum salam wa rahmutlahi wa baraktu.Alhamdulilha.My dear imaan, from reading what your wrote i see this lady is a huge burden in your life.Insha’allah i know you hear all the time to have sabr,but through struggle their is ease and Allah(subhana wa tala) will ease your suffering.My dear the best advise i could give is for you to stay away from her,i know its harsh but she is causing you great harm and know that what she is doing is horrible and the worst state to be in because Allah(Subahan wa tal) cursed the one who harms another muslim, so my wonderful dear stay away even if she is family and be around pious muslims and don’t stay alone.The best you could do is try not to reciprocate the evil she is doing and never i mean never stop makeing dua and seeking the help from Allah(subhana wa tala).Always know you’ll be in my dua’as.My dear sister i can tell from what i read your had a strong bond with your parents alhamdulilah.But Allah(subhana wa tala) said everyone will taste death and your parents death is a test for you my dear if you strive to be patient walahi you will be honoured beyond the scope of what you might think in the hereafter you will be of great sight to Allah(subhana wa tala)that is why Allah(subahan wa tala) praised the patient one.My dear no one has been through more trials than the prophets(peace be upon them all) and i suggest you read their stories because it has incrediable insights my dear expecially Prophet Muhammad(salalhu alaihi wa salam).Subhanallah you have been truly bless with a wonderful child and husband praise Allah(subhana wa tala). My dear insha’allah u will meet your parents in the hereafter, i suggest you make dua for them in this life if you truly love them my dear,because its of great benefit to them since they no longer can gain good deeds my dear.Stay in the dhikr of Allah(subahan wa tala) because thats how the heart finds peace and you should love allah(subahan wa tala) more than anyone because Allah(subahan wa tal) only wants the best and know that the tribulations that your going through is of benefit because either your sins are being erased or your being elevated in status.My sweet dear, I pray to Allah(subhana wa tala) to ease your suffering and to fill your heart with sabr and increase your taqwa and imaan and grant u and the ppl you love jannah furdose and grant you the greatest reward which is the sight of Allah(subahan wa tala) ameen. Take wonderful care my dear your in my dua’as.SALAM your sister in islam.

  11. Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatu hu.
    Sorry, I am not reading the full Blog and just going to share my knowledge. so plz be patience :). I have just read the Title of the blog and here are some of the Ahadees which are just a translation.

    who ever do one good deed will get the reward of ten, our Prophet (PBUH) said, Allah, give more to my Ummah. After some discussion it became 1 good deed= 700 times reward. Our beloved Prophet(PBUH) said , oh Allah giev more to my Ummah then Allah (subhan-u-tallah )said ka who who ever is in your ummah is patience will get unlimited. (Tariq Jamil, PK)

    Allah will test you with fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits but give glad tidings to as sabireen who say “inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.”(Quran Surah-Al-bakara)

    Allah is with the patient one(Quran Surah-Al-bakara)

    there is no affiction which strikes the Muslim except that Allah expiates with it(sins), even with a thorn that may poke him (sahi-bukari & Sahi-muslim)

    seek help with patience and prayers(Quran Surah-Al-bakara)

    on the day of resurrection Allah will call the people who live with patience and then send them to the heaven without the questioning (molana Tariq Jamil, PK)

    who ever is steadfast and Patience, Allah will give his reward(Quran Surah Yousaf)

    Without Allah’s help you could not even be patience(Quran Surah Nahal 116)

    aa mosa mara kuch banda aasa han ka janat manga to sare da doon per duna ma sa aak lakree managa to ma wo lakre b un ko nai doon ga, iss lya nai ka mare nazroon ma haqeer han, bulka iss lya ka ma un ko aakrat ke izat dana chata hon(Molana Tariq Jamil , PK)

    one sahabi is asked to Prophet (PBUH) that what is the eeman then Prophet (PBUH) said (1)Patience (2)forgiveness. again sahabi asked what is the best eeman the Prophet (PBUH) said that best Iklaq(good to all).

    PS: Molana Tariq Jamil is one of the best scholar In Pakistan.

  12. Assalamu ‘Alaikom to everyone. Sister Imaan your story has touched my heart very much because I am going through a similar situation, I would also cry everyday because of some problems, but not family problems. Before I would coment on that, I would like to thank Sister Ifrah for the very wonderful advices. Masha Allah, may Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) shower you and your family with more blessings. Everything that you have been written for Imaan are all wonderful. Please for me also, as I am in a struggle also. I know this too shall pass.

    My dear sister Imaan, I will Insha Allah include you in my prayers….that is the beauty of being a Muslim. Please don’t lose hope for God is so Merciful. I could feel the pain that you are going through right now because I have been in a similar situation, crying everyday (I am still struggling actually). This too shall pass. Just be patient. Sister Ifrah is right, do the Dhikr, increase it. This verse has lessen my burden.

    “Those who belived (in the Oneness of Allah – Islamic Monotheism), and whose hearts find rest in the remebrance of Allah: verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearst find rest.” Qur’an 13:28

    Believe me Sister Imaan, it helps me a lot. For more than a month now, I have been crying everyday. I have been at lost at times…..don’t know what to do and just cry. But Alhamdulillah, I am getting fine now. Alhamdulillah, Allah is so great. As I write this, I am in tears again. Every Fajr prayer and Maghrib prayer, I stay in my prayer mat (than the usual)for the Dhikr. I would cry hardly and said Ya Allah, thank you so much for these tests because it made me even closer to you. Sister Ifrah is right, this could be an expiation of your sins or your status would be elevated. We should even be thankful for these tests. Brother Muhammad Atif’s verses and Hadith’s are the ones that has been shared to me also. When my friends and siblings, sent to me those verses, I printed it in big fonts and pasted it on the wall to remind me always. Maybe you can do the same.

    Never give up my dear sister. This too shall pass. Just be patient. Masha Allah, you are so blessed for having a very nice husband and for having a wonderful child. What more can you ask for. Your parents death is just a test. You can surpass that test, Insha Allah. With your problem with the other sister, as long as your intentions are pure, then don’t bother yourself with it, I mean don’t take it so seriously. I know it is not that easy, but you have to move forward. I want to share this thought:

    “Our thought will not increase when people praise us; nor will it diminish when they criticize us. Our real worth depends on how Allah sees us.”

    “A person who regularly make istigfar, Allah provides deliverance from hardship, grants relief from suffering and give sustenance from sources he don’t know” – Hadith

    I hope you are getting fine now. Make yourself busy. I have gone through your situation. I just want to stay in my room all the time, but it is not helpful. Insha Allah, I will include you in my prayers. If you want to write me, you can at I am more than willing to hear your stories.

    Lastly, I want to share this: “Allah has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand His wisdom but we simply have to trust His will”

    There is a beautiful verse which says “Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope……..” Qur’an 2:286

    Take care and God bless your family. To Sister Ifrah, take care also and God bless you and your family.

  13. actually i am in deed sorry for what all these are compaining about

    • Thank you for your comments, but it is not actually a complain. It is just sharing to fellow Muslims because we wanted to help.

      We can always help in our own little way even by just sharing what we have gone through as well.

      We all go through painful situations/experiences in our lives. For the beleivers, these are just tests from the Lord Almighty. Alhamdulillah, these tests makes us even closer to the Almighty.

      • asslam mohammed brother.plz i need halp can u do.thank u

  14. Assalamu my dear sister.

    I thoroughly read your messgae and I am felt very sad about your position. I would like to give you an important advice that do your 5 times namaaz without and read holy quran as much as possible with meanings. May Allah (Subwana thala) will shower his mercy and peace upon you. AAMEEN AAMEEN AAMEEN

  15. Assalam o alaikum,
    i ve just read sister Imaan’s story n all comments. I must say there are problems in everybody’s life n whtever problem we r facing , the real pain is known only to the suffering person n so does in case of sister Imaan.
    But thats how life is and we have to b patient in Calamities n misfortunes n in response to the people who r jealous to us acc. to Islamic teachings. I must say k she shud see the positive aspects of her life coz u cant get everything in ur life whtever u want otherrwise it would be a Paradise rather than a should look at ur husband who is very supportive n ur baby …indeed its a real blessing …I must tell u you r lucky than many to have a caring husband n a child…just ask those who lack these gifts…..
    let me tell you my own story…..u will feel better…i got married abt 1 year n 2 months back……the person whom 1 married was known to me for abt 10 mths n that was our period of as an arranged marriage n during our engagment we usually talk on Islamic issues as he knew i had more Islamic inclination.He used to ask me whts my stance on beating of wife by husband, husband taking 2nd wife etc.i used to answer him from Islamic perspective with my Imaan on it n with my personal views n feelings within limits of Islam on these issues .even i once clearly asked hin whether he is intending to take a second wife n he said no…..i didnt had any intersest in other men so always thought Allah will bestow me with such husband who also doesnt hav any interest in other women.But i think i was to b tested by Allah Almighty..just sfter 5 months of my marriage my husband married another woman….n that created havoc in my life…i felt ruined…found my life useless.. as i got deeply involved with my husband in these months…..i never thought of falling in love with any other person other than my husband and he was no more mine’s only….!!!! i weeped a lot initially but when i saw my husband weeping i told him do wht u like…..but my distress was not over…i didnt let my parents know for 8 months after his 2nd marriage just for his honour sake as in our society multiple marriages r considered as social stigma .My in laws though already knew that this could happen even b4 my marriage but they tried to support me in the sense of more of their benefit than mine..they used to force me to work for my mother in law n my sister in laws..with apparent sweet language n they used to say in hidden words tht u cant stay in this house if u dont hav our favour…..besides all this my husband went v well with me in terms of rights n care,but he wanted to involve his 2nd wife with his family which was too pinching for me n he didnt care..even we quarelled a lot on i didnt want her interference in my house….in t meantime i had a doubtful miscarriage which broke me internally .which made me too weak….remind u my husband didnt want children for 1st 5 months of our marriage, i refused but he didnt tell me the reason coz he was thinking of 2nd marriage n thought i would leave him…he didnt want children to get ruined! well life went on …one of my sister in laws used to backbite about me infront of my husband…as soon as i finish talking with her on fone she wud immediately call my husband n create misunderstandings…i was foolish enough to discuss my miseries with her thinking her my sister….yet many problems arose within their family but ultimately i was blamed………….i became totally quite..i didnt like talking to them….wht to talk abt if someone tell lies clearly…my quiteness started pinching them……well i got so frustrated tht i informed my parents abt whole scenario n tht again was a disaster ..they called me immediately to meet them as they were abroad… mother in law was hospitalized …i asked my husband if i stay coz shez sick but he let me go…..when i left….my husband brought his second wife to my house where his mother n sister also lived(it was a combined accomodation) when i came to know…i refused to come back to tht house n demanded for separate accomodation where tht lady wont interfere(cox he used to say she came to c my mother)..but i did return to tht house with her things present in tht house n that was heart tearing for me…yet i remained there… leading in laws didnt talk to me on my return coz they think it was unjust demand for separate residence….one of sisters in law took their mother to their home n propagate against me in neighbourhood n infront of me..i remained quiet….my husband didnt spoke for me infront of them of all lies they were telling….my husband went out of station n i went to my maternal uncles
    home in another city…my mother in law fell ill again..i came back immediately with my uncle(my uncle didnt talk on issues at all…opposite to my father who showed great anger on my husband on fone) he left me in hospital ,my same sister in law start blaming me off tht i ve started talking abt my misfortunes in front of their ill mother which was a total lie Allah knows n she abused me with words in front of mob of ppl n, when i responded to make her quiet. she started abusing me with hands, her nails piercing my skin, t pain of which i felt t whole next day..i cudnt tolerate it any more,,it was too much…i wanted to return my home but my husband didnt let me…initially he showed too much anger so tht my body started aching with t pushes he gave me on bed but later he bcame affectionate….yet he asked me to go my home with peace tht he will handle t situation…………..its going to b 2 months to this story….im away from my husbands home becoz my in laws dont want me to c in tht home neither as their brothers wife……..
    tht was a step taken by tht lady who married my husband secondly, n it has ruined my family life.
    but i am still hopeful ,constantly Pray to Allah for things to get better for me…
    I am a MBBS doctor by qualification . from a well off family with good religious knowledge n practise by the Grace of Allah and never thought of such life….but i know tht is life for me n i have to make it compatible somehow …..
    so see ur husband is with u n ur beloved baby….make thanks to Allah for these blessings….u know the parents for whom u r weeping might not help u if they wud b alive as in my case…my parents despite having all power , wealth n love cant do anything for me..they cant make my husband mine only which is a wish of every girl.
    Remember me in ur prayers

  16. Patience is very important. I am jobless and i attend college and its really hard for me to pay for my gas and food. But even though i got all these problems I know that the only solution I have is to be patient.

  17. hello i am just very spechless about the word patience can you give me a very good responce or definition to the word patience..saber thank you and hope you email me beck for the definition bye:)

  18. assalam o mulim lady.8ys ago my husbn divoc me he is marrid agin.i hav 3 dras makr.salf imporimnt.

  19. assalam o safiya 42yr divoc lady. plz col me 0772427876

  20. am gal ov 22 yrs,mah parent ar divorced…i used 2 stay wit father for some tymz nd wit mah mum 4 some tymz,so i hv no permanent house…mah mum hv 3 children ol gals but she lyk our last born more dan every thing…she only send me on an errand dat iz ol she did 2 me…anytin gud iz 4 our last born…our last born grow up 2 disrespect us plz advice me

    • Dear Aysha
      How are you now ? Prayers will be the cure for your problems.

  21. My dearest Islamic Brothers and Sisters
    I know Safiya. She underwent lot of problems. She prayed regularly. Now she is happy and will be marrying her child hood Cousin Nistar soon.
    Believe in God, he will show you a better way. reply me to

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