Posted by: believer786 | March 27, 2007

Random Love – What if…

He was out with his friends at his favorite Indian restaurant. A couple of young guys, spiffy and handsome, out and about at the infancy of the night, not a care in the world, the world their playground. He was always different from his friends when it came to love.

Little did he know that he was about to experience love at first sight, for the first time in his life. He ordered some tasty Chicken Makhani with 2 fresh naans. Yummy! He relished the first bite he took and took a moment to savor the flavor the makhani afforded his ever- eager tongue. On to bite #2. As he was half-way there, two girls come in and sit on the table opposite him and his buddies. Being extremely shy by nature, he immediately lowered his gaze and concentrated just on bite #2. After a while, he allowed himself a quick glance at the girl sitting in direct view of him. Stop.

Time froze. He experienced unrequited love, not lust, not desire, but real unadulterated innocent love. She looked at him, he looked at her. Her hair was simply magnificent, flowing beautifully like in the shampoo commercials, and her face was that of a beautiful angel with captivating eyes and extraordinary lips that left him enchanted. He was smitten and it probably took all of 0.3 seconds for him to take in her beauty, to experience timelessness, to communicate with her through his eyes and receive her message as well. Snap.

His buddies tap him on his shoulder. “You ok dude?” “Um, yes I am fine.” “Hey guys check out those chicks”, his buddies finally notice the ladies. “Wow, yaar, not bad lets get their numbers” “Yeah like you have the guts to approach them”.

His buddies went on and on about the ladies whereas he sat quietly suddenly stricken with grief and his heart feeling very heavy. Little beads of anxiety started to form on his forehead like an army getting ready for battle. He knew that the momentary sensation of extreme liberation he felt by communicating with her through his eyes would remain just that – a beautiful moment in time. He knew she checked him out. He was quite a looker himself. But his weakness (or strength) was his shyness. He suffered from this shyness since childhood, and the sight of beautiful girls made him terribly weak. He did not say a word during the rest of the dinner as his friends seemingly ranted on and on about girls, clubs, gambling, drinking, money, girls, girls and yes girls.

He was trying hard to suppress that tear from rolling down his cheek when he realized that his friends and he were done eating and were waiting for the bill. He had locked his gaze on her and she on him. She knew he was crying internally. He noticed her lips signal to him that she felt helpless too. He had a death-grip on his fork and he did not want to let go of the fork…or her. Far be it for him to expect a girl to approach a group of guys. Not traditional. Not in the Indian culture at least. What can he do? He can perhaps leave his number on a piece of paper? He can pretend to trip and make a scene to see and hear her beautiful laugh? He can..he can…oh he cannot do anything, for he is shy and he must bear this pain.

One last time, he gave her his most sorrowful look, prayed silently to God to help him find her again some day. He knew that this was his first love at first sight experience. It is a mixed blessing. It is a gift and a curse. It took him to the peak of Mt. Everest and then just as easily it dropped him to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. He lost sense of reality and he was floating on clouds with her. He lost her, he lost the cloud, he fell flat back to earth.

On the way home, his friends finally realize something is wrong with him. “Dude what is wrong with you?” “I um….am in love with that girl.” “What the girl in the restaurant?”. “Ok turn around, I will get her number for you” said the suave one of the group. He said, “No forget it, forget it *sigh*.”

For the next three days, he remained in his dorm room, avoiding human contact. Hardly eating. Is this love? He was carrying the burden of “what if”. Sometimes somethings are better left unsaid, but other times, it is better to have said them. What if he approached her? He would be talking to her right now…he would…be hers? What if…



  1. er.. i emailed you back finally.. did you get it??!!

  2. I fell in love with my husband at first sight at a turkish picnic. I left thinking I would never see him again but I saw him three times that year and then at the end of the year we spoke again. The rest, marriage, 8 years and 2 children later, is history!!

  3. wow mashallah that was deep. well all i can say is that if was ment for him it will be for him…but if it isn’t Allah will replace it with something better for him not giving into that type of temptation. I’ve heard of stories where people have met and they don’t find each other till years later again. So if Allah will something for you it will be…no matter what.

  4. Thank you sister. I’ll let you in on a little secret. That was me when I was about 19. And no that did not happen as Allah had other plans for me :).

  5. Alhamdulilah Millie,

    Allah does work in beautiful ways. I am so glad you found your life partner in the romantic manner you found him in. May Allah continue to bless your union. You will always have this beautiful story to tell your kids *and* your grand kids inshallah!

  6. Assalaamu’alaykum

    I don’t know how old you are, though I would venture to guess somewhere in your early 20s and that at least a couple of years have passed since this incident. What I find interesting is that you write about it now. I could, of course, be wrong.

    May Allah bless you with your true companion, and may He bless you with patience until you are united with her, ameen.

  7. Salaams,

    I have to say, even though i am quite the hopeless romantic [emphasis on word, hopeless], i am quite cynical about this whole “love at first sight” gig. I find it only happens with the beautiful people, which makes me suspect it is all about looks, and nothing more substantial. Of course, one may be instantly attracted by looks, and then later realize there is a deeper connection; but how can you really fall in love, based on a face? It feels a little superficial to me.

    Of course, i’m no expert on this subject, so i am fully prepared to take back my opinion, if proven wrong. hehe


  8. P.S., Ameen to Farzeen’s dua.

  9. Assalam Alaikum,

    iMuslim, I think love at first sight is more of a teenage phenomenon and yes you know how it is at that age a lot of emphasis is on looks. As we grow older and mature, we start worrying about the actual substance behind the looks.

    Farzeen thank you very much for your kind du’a. Inshallah your du’a will be accepted :).

  10. he he…we’d all be lying if we didn’t say we’d experienced this feeling before.

    It’s all innocent. Enjoy that moment instead of feel remourse for not doing something different.

    It was perfect as it was.

    She might have spoken and had no teeth! ha

  11. @Believer: I’m confused… i thought you were already married?? Looking for number two (or three, or four)? hehe

  12. imuslim,

    Indeed I am married. I am just spinning out a serious of autobiographical accounts from different parts of my life :). Trying my hand at being a creative writer, I am quite bad at it, but I am giving it a shot.

  13. I was confused by Farzeen’s dua! Your response suggested that you had not yet found your companion.

  14. Assalaamu’alaykum..

    Oops.. sorry.

    In that case.. may Allah bless your marriage and give you patience where you may need it, and fill your home and lives with His infinite baraka, ameen.

  15. WS Farzeen,

    Thank you very much for you dua, I need as many duas as I can get :). May Allah Bless You.

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