Posted by: believer786 | February 28, 2007

On Life In The Duniya (World)


Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

As I was in my quiet, contemplative, meditative mood tonight, I thought about how I take life for granted. I take Allah’s Blessings for granted. I take His infinite Bounties for granted. I take His Mercy for granted. I take His Forgiveness for granted. Shamefully, the list goes on. I think many muslims get so tunnel-visioned that they absolutely ignore Allah’s Raheem and only concentrate on desires that remain unfulfilled. For instance, we don’t tend to think about just how precious our eyes are until we get a scare at the doctor’s office about possibly getting glaucoma. If we actually sit down to think about *all* the ways Allah has Blessed us in our lives, we would have an unending list. But selfish and greedy as we tend to be, we conveniently forget what has been bestowed on us and take it for granted. That is when Allah tests us by taking something away from us. Let us not wait until Allah decides to take something away. We need to be ever-mindful of Allah’s bounties in our lives, every day of our lives.

I was reminded of certain incidents that occurred in my life which at the time I was too immature or too ignorant to draw any meaningful conclusions and/or resolves from. Today years after those events have occurred I finally feel the need to thank Allah for getting me through those events alive.

One of the incidents occurred when I was about quite young (about 13) and we were flying somewhere. I will avoid giving out the airline name to avoid any bad publicity :). Anyway, halfway through the flight, one engine stops. So the plane was only operating on the other engine which was not enough to keep it steady. We were in a nosedive for 5000 feet. Most of the people on board were muslims and so everyone was silently praying to Allah as it could have very well been our last day on earth. Alhamdulilah, the engine came back to life and we were saved. Alhamdulilah, I did not develop a life long fear of flying and I hardly think about that incident.

The second incident was probably 8 years ago and it was really out of ignorance. I had apparently not heard of ‘hydroplaning’ and so like a hero in a bollywood movie I was driving 80 mph on a very rainy day. Sure enough my car hydroplanes – it literally bounces off the road and I panicked and hit the brakes. At that high speed and wet conditions my car did a 180 and I was facing oncoming traffic and the back of my car smashed into the concrete slab dividing the highway. All of this took place in what seemed to be an eternity and in slow motion. It is true what they say, in those last moments before something bad happens, your entire life’s events get compressed into those few vital seconds and flash before you. Boom. The car comes to a stop; the back of my car is destroyed. The car is totaled. I push open the wrecked door, walk out, apparently scratch free, wallahi, not a scratch. This is ALLAH!!!! It has to be. Passersby stopped and were flabbergasted as to how I was even standing.

The takeaway for myself in these cases – Had my life ended, did I have enough to get me to Paradise? Did I use my limited time on this earth for the sake of Allah (swt), or did I want to wait until I was older before I started becoming more religious? Had Allah taken me away, could I have said, “Ya Allah I beg you to send me back for I have nothing good to show you” That is the folly, we do not know if there will be a tomorrow for any of us. Why do we bank on tomorrow as if it were guaranteed to us by Allah? The only thing Allah guarantees is that we will *all* have to account for every second on this earth. Period. Again it is the high horse syndrome. Get off it, there may not be a tomorrow. It is never too late as long as you start today, right here, right now. Submit to Allah, follow his Divine Qur’an, follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) and live by La Ila Ha Il Allah, Muhammad Ar Rasool Allah. Once you make this a daily way of life, then you will be able to face any situation in life, come what may. May Allah help us realize how precious our time really is on this earth and may Allah help us gain the necessary good deeds needed to enter Paradise and help us avoid the evils and perils that lead us to Hell. Ameen.




  1. Assalaamu’alaykum

    That’s very true. We are forgetful, by our nature. I guess that’s why the value of reminders, in all their various forms, increases. It’s amazing, subhanAllah, that we have the ability to reflect. Reflections are priceless, in so many ways.

    Ameen to your du’a.

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